TFH - Third World Family Humanitarian


Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) is a charitable organisation whose aim is SERVICE TO SOCIETY. Its main objectives are human and community development by promoting all spheres of personal development.
It also works towards the setting up of educational, economic and social structures for the health and welfare of deprived communities.

Challenges of humanitarian action in the 21st century

The concept of service, or Khidma, involves the creation of the necessary social, cultural and economic conditions and structures, in a spirit of solidarity and sharing to empower man to come out of oppression and all forms of violence so that he can rediscover his honour and dignity.

In the 21st century service initiatives and humanitarian action, in addition to furthering personal and community development, must necessarily address the issues of economic dependence of poor countries on the rich, the subtle form of modern slavery which is well anchored throughout the world.
The world needs viable alternatives in order to restore human dignity and honour in the developing world.
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Peace building and Peace promotion

“The earth is at the heart of peace, but it is also at the centre of most wars. We cannot talk of peace without talking of the earth. The peacemakers have all demonstrated it: Gandhi with the salt march and the spinning wheel, William Penn and the creation of Pennsylvania, Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba and the creation of daaras, Wangari Mathai and the Green Belt Movement and Muhammad Younous with the Grameen Bank. They have all shown us that sustainable peace for all can only be achieved through a return to the earth and can only be built on the basis of an alternative economy through means of peace.”

Venerable Master Shaykh Aly N’ Daw